Arts & Culture Cell

Arts & Culture Team

2 Prof. Avinash. G.Patil D Y Patil School of Engineering Academy
3 Prof. Kavita Divekar D Y Patil Institute Of Management
4 Prof. Omkar Inamdar D Y Patil Polytechnic
5 Prof. Saurabh Deshmukh D Y Patil College of Engineering
6 Prof. Shweta Desai D Y Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology
7 Prof. Vibha Lahane D Y Patil College of Engineering
8 Prof. Vivek Kokare D Y Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology

          At DYPTC, we provide due importance for the promotion of arts and cultural activities among the students. We provide platform for students to showcase their talent in various arts and cultural activities. We encourage & empower our students to conduct & participate in cultural activities, annual gatherings, festivals and celebrations.

To encourage & nurture student interests in arts & cultural activities. To provide platform and facilities to students for participation in such activities To build competitive student teams to participate in University/State/ National level events in arts & culture.

Identify arts/culture activities To liaise with external institutes/agencies to conduct these activities
To encourage and motivate students to take part in these activities
Guide students to participate in internal/external arts competitions
To arrange and provide necessary facilities to students to practice Organize student activities for important national & regional celebrations – Independence Day, Republic day, Shiv-Jayanti etc.