D.Y. Patil School of Architecture

1.Guest Lecture/Workshop

Department Type of Activity & Date Resource Person/ Subject Expert Theme of the Event Targeted Audience Remarks


Guest lecture 25/7/2016 Ar. Kavita Patil ‘Technical Communication’ 3rd year students To perform dumb charades, have a group discussion so that the above said techniques of communication could be clearly and easily understood by the students
Workshop 22/7/2016 & 23/7/2016 Prof. Shyam.L.Kolhatkar ‘ Climate Responsive Architecture’ 2nd year students To understand the techniques used to design a building which could respond to climatic conditions efficiently.
Workshop 19/7/2016 Ar. Shradha Sadamate ‘Architecture Rendering Techniques’ 3rd sem students To increase the vision and perspective of students with respect to the different rendering methods, techniques used for rendering.
Guest lecture 12/7/2016 Prof. B.K.Goel ‘Industrial Design’ 3rd year students To introduce the students of T. Y. B. Arch. to Industrial Architecture and Design.